MedHire – Medical/Healthcare Job Board Why Us?

Why Us?

MedHire is a global, industry specific, medical and healthcare job search resource for candidates and employers to find the perfect candidate. We have a genuine desire to assist you in reaching your target audience to attract the ideal team member for your organisation.

Our brand acts as a talent magnet. We have been hunting Skills, then nurturing relationships with Medical candidates for almost 17 years – our database of both active and passive candidates has depth. We text alert them individually regarding your vacancy …. we are mindful of the candidate experience when applying for a new job.

Are you proactive and smart about identifying that we may have already found the new team member you are looking for? Have you posted a job this month as part of your talent sourcing?

Being successful in recruiting and retaining Today’s Elusive candidate needs to have a strategic, tenacious attraction plan in place. A consistent, engaging digital and online presence is key to establishing connections with candidates who may not be job hunting right now.

According to a recent study – it turns out, that 44 percent of placed candidates identified themselves as “passive” candidates, or people investing little to no effort in searching out new job opportunities. Passive candidates aren’t necessarily un-interested candidates. Many could be open to a new position if the right job comes along.

At MedHire we will help you to extend your reach to your specific target audience. We have these candidates already on our radar, we engage with them weekly to lure them out.

Become a Talent Magnet by adding MedHire as part of your attraction strategy.

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It’s time to join New Zealand and Australia’s fastest growing job board for a wide range of medical professionals.

This website is the largest, the most used, and the highest ranked independent job board and website in New Zealand and Australia.

We are in Business for over 20 YearsPeople Know us by Name

Most visitors enter the website non-organically as they know the name via word of mouth, our active social media presence or have used the site in the recent past and are part of our targeted database of medical professionals from the last 20+ years.

The average time spent on the site is 4 minutes.

40% of visitors view 12 pages per visit and spend upwards of 10 minutes browsing the site and applying for roles.

Reports for MedHire are available upon request.